We have spacious, airy and well-lit classrooms that provide a stimulating and conducive ambiance for studying.

Drawing Hall

The College has well-lit large drawing halls with specially fabricated drawing tables.

Conference Hall

RECT Polytechnic College

The College has a conference-cum-seminar hall with modern AV and video conferencing facilities.

Laboratories and Workshops

RECT Polytechnic College

RECT Polytechnic College has some of the most well-equipped and well-designed labs and workshops, comparable to any of the established Polytechnics in the country. All of the machines and equipment needed for the prescribed curriculum are available and are managed by well-qualified and experienced staff. The labs and workshops not only act as an ideal place for learning for our students, they also provide the platform for conducting many research projects.

Communication (Language) Lab

RECT Polytechnic College

Communication plays a vital role in the era of virtual and global environments. Communication in English is a very important skill to possess. Our English language lab is equipped with projector screen, wireless microphone, wireless presentation devices and other sound arrangements. Students are given training to speak in English with correct pronunciation. We also provide soft skills and interpersonal skills training to our students that enable them to perform well in placement interviews.